Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How To Choose A Perfect Flower Bouquet

Flower arrangement:

Flower arranging is an art that enhances ambience of our surrounding, when putting at your work location, home or in office. It may seem simplistic but, require a significant pattern of design logic like proportion, harmony and overall experience to bring out the desired effect. 

Since ancient times, flowers have been considered as a noble way to express gratitude and convey feelings. It can be for your family, friends or love. Not only type, fragrance or colour but even language associated with flowers and a choice for every occasion. Considering historical roots, a red rose stands for love, yellow for friendship, white fear, indecision, pink, white camellia friendship unchangeable there is a popular 

How to keep it alive: 
Few people feels bad about  buying flowers only because once the flowers have been picked, they will die sooner in the vase than on the tree. It seems as murdering the flowers. Especially, if someone special gifted you a bouquet, it would be disheartening to throw them away within the next 3 days because your flowers became so droopy.

                                Even though it wear out in few day but the purpose of them never fades. We love gifting them and decorating our house. But I have some excellent tips to recommend that will make cut flowers last longer. For ensuring a long life to the beautiful gift given to you, choose flowers properly, condition them timely, keep changing water and remove the dead ferns.

Home remedies that works:

 You can try some home remedies like bleach, vinegar, vodka, sugar or 7-UP. As an antibacterial agents bleach, vodka and vinegar keeps water clean and allow flowers to drink more water, without clogging with bacteria.

7-up and Listerine has sugar that feed the flowers as they drink the water mixture. Even easily available things at home like lemon juice, vitamin C and aspirin acts as wetting agents. By lowering the base value of water it flower drink water fast.

                We recommend using these easy tips will help you to achieve a simple goal- flowers that last.